Vibro Concrete Columns

Vibro concrete columns (a driven cast insitu system)

VCC or Vibro Concrete Columns are one of the things that we at Tritech do best.

VCC's can be installed quickly in comparison to other piling methods depending upon depth and they are very good for stabilising the ground in soft conditions. The speedy installation can lead to client benefits in that the programme of works can often be reduced.

VCC is a displacement technique which means that there is no spoil removal necessary.

VCC method

  1. VCC tube is vibrated into the ground through soft clay
  2. VCC pentrates through the clays to dense sand and gravels
  3. The VCC tube is then surged whilst concrete is pumped through the column via the delivery tube forming an expanded base also known as a bulb
  4. As the VCC tube is extracted, concrete is pumped and monitored under pressure
  5. Extraction continues until the VCC tube has completed the pile
  6. Reinforcement is then put in place.

This technique interfaces well with the kit owned by another group company, SPI Piling Ltd.

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