Tripod Piling

As market leaders in tripod piling, we at Tritech Piling and Foundations Ltd can help you find a piled solution when it wouldn't normally be possible to use other forms of piling.

Tripod piling is great in a restricted access situation such as where there is limited cranage or on or near steep embankments where it is not possible to use an excavator. Tripod piling is beneficial in areas of restricted access because the rigs can be lifted into position a piece at a time and the rig is assembled in situ. Yet even in these tight conditions we can still drive larger cased piles. This means that Tritech Piling and Foundations can also install quite large piles in restricted access areas. In the right ground conditions, tripod rigs can achieve pile depths of up to 40m with 600mm dia piles

The tripod plant that we operate at Tritech Piling and Foundations has individual weights of less than 3T which means that it can be easily craned into position.
Unlike our rotating piling rigs, no guarding is required to the front of a tripod piling rig and therefore it can be positioned in tight working conditions and adjacent to existing structures.
As the bore spoil is extracted an accurate soil profile can be recorded.
On the downside tripod piling can be awkward and clumsy as the winch system has to be set up on the tripod rig every time it is moved. However we at Tritech can discuss your requirements with you and find the right piling solution for you.

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