Retaining Walls

Tritech Piling and Foundations Ltd have experience in the construction of Contiguous and Secant bored pile retaining walls and King Post Retaining Walls.

Contiguous and Secant Bored pile walls are most commonly used to support the sides of new basement excavations where there is insufficient space to allow the sides of the dig to be battered. Contiguous piles are piles bored at close centres, typically leaving a space of 100mm to 150mm between piles. Contiguous bored pile walls are generally suitable where ground water flow into the excavation is not a problem.

Where ground water is a problem a secant Bored Pile Wall can be constructed. A Secant pile wall consists of primary 'female' piles and secondary 'male' piles. The primary piles are first constructed at spacing less than two pile diameters. The secondary piles are then constructed between the primary piles cutting into the primary pile on each side. A Secant Pile Wall will control water seepage into the excavation allowing the basement construction work to proceed in dry conditions with minimal pumping.

Contiguous and Secant pile walls are suitable where the sides of a new excavation are to be supported. When a wall is required to support fill which is to be placed above ground level then a King Post Wall can be adopted. Short bored piles are constructed and while the concrete is still fluid a steel H section is plunged into the pile. Timber or metal 'lagging' is placed between the steel posts to form a continuous retaining wall.

Tritech has completed a number of Retaining Wall Projects

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