Mini Piling

Mini Piles, also called Micro Piles, are often used for underpinning. They can also be used to create foundations for a variety of project types, including highway, bridge and transmission tower projects.

They are especially useful at sites with difficult or restricted access or with environmental sensitivity. Installation of Mini Piles can be achieved using drilling, impact driving, jacking, vibrating or screwing machinery.

Mini Piles are normally steel driven tube from 100mm to 220mm or bored cast insitu 250 to 350mm diameter. Rigs can work in rstricted sites both with width or height restrictions.

While not necessarily associated with Mini Piles, Tripod installation can install piles in restricted sites using steel driven piles up to 350mm and 450mm bored piles to depths of 45 metres.

With a complete range of technique at Tritech's disposal no ground is too difficult to overcome!

Tritech has completed a number of Mini Piling Projects

Mini piling at Stockport

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