In House Design Services

Tritech Piling and Foundations Ltd have the ability to design a wide variety of schemes. Using a bespoke pile design software, we can design single pile capacity and group pile capacity, all forms of retaining wall structures, contiguous walls, secant walls, shafts, post and panel walls, and sheet piled walls.

The design department can carry out bridge abutment analysis using "piglet" which allows the entire group structure to be reviewed.

Piles, with lateral loads applied, can be run through the software "All Pile" to develop bending moments and deflection predictions.

All the design is done to current British Standards and the new Euro codes.

Back analysis of test pile results are also undertaken to verify pile design, this information is used for better design and understanding soil parameters and how they can influence a pile test result.

We also will undertake the complete foundation design, with reinforcement drawings being completed.

For the domestic house owner, this allows all the design to be undertaken within one Company instead of placing several orders for works to be completed.

Contact us if you require further information on our Design Service

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