Driven Piling

Driven piling can include bottom driven Mini Piles, but is more associated with the installation of Precast Piles, top driven heavy wall and driven cast insitu (Vibro Concrete Column).

Each technique is a displacement installation (pushing the soil aside as the pile is driven).

Precast piles vary from 200mm square to 350mm square, and heavy wall from 141mm to 250mm diameter.
The driven cast insitu pile normal diameters are 300 to 450mm.

Each technique is chosen for the prevailing ground conditions for they are to be driven, depending on how the Tritech design department, assess the project. Piles could be driven to design length or to a dynamic set (number of blows of the hammer to achieve a penetration into the ground).

Past experience has shown 715 number, 200mm precast piles driven to 10.5m were installed in 15 days (average of 47 piles per day). Driven cast in situ (VCC) can install at a maximum rate of 70 per day.

Tritech have completed a number of Driven Piling projects

Driven Precast Piling at Newcastle Under Lyne

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