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Tritech Ground Engineering Ltd works across the UK and Eire carrying out all types of foundation piling. Whilst we still own and use the tripod rigs that we started with, we have also invested in other piling plant and equipment and have several rigs at our disposal. Our links with A E Yates Ltd. mean that we have access to specialist haulage facilities and can transport our rigs to your site easily and cost effectively. We at Tritech also benefit from 2 custom built maintenance workshops right on our doorstep. Taken together this makes Tritech Ground Engineering Ltd. your ideal contractor for all your piling projects.

If you want to know more about our plant and equipment PDF specification sheets for popular rigs are provided below, however please contact us if you require additional information or details of other rigs.

Download Spec Sheet B125 >>

r210 tritech

CFA Plant

Tritech's CFA plant is capable of working 360 off base tracks. Our rigs are the next generation of CFA plant which are bespoke built, self erecting hydraulic rigs.

  • The smaller rigs can be modified to work as close as 600mm from existing structures and can be used in areas of restricted access for those complicated projects.
  • CM48 and B125 can be used for CFA piling.
Tripod Restricted Access Piling


We at Tritech Ground Engineering Ltd. are the UK leaders in tripod piling. Tritech's tripod equipment is especially designed for restricted area piling and can be easily craned into position as the tripod equipment arrives in sectional parts for assembly within a restricted area.

  • Working tolerances from existing structure can be as close as 500mm.
  • Our tripod rigs can install piles to depths of 30m (ground condition dependant)
r625 tritech

Rotary Piling

Our Rotary piling rigs are bespoke hydraulic self erecting piling rigs. Our rotary plant has high powered torque rotary heads for difficult ground conditions and retractable Kelly bars (auger drilling bar) which means that Tritech's Rotary plant can be used for depths to 60m.

  • Our B125 rig can be used for either CFA or rotary / open hole piling.


Tritech's CFA plant is fitted with electronic on board CFA computers to monitor the drilling and construction of the pile. This CFA instrumentation allows the pile and ground conditions to be monitored for drilling resistance, the torque required to drill, concrete pressures and delivery rates. The instrumentation is capable of calculating the overall pile concrete volume used.

We at Tritech Ground Engineering & Foundation Ltd can then download the data from the instrumentation equipment. It is sent to us at head office in Bolton via a SIM card connection which means that we can remain in constant touch with our site operations.

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