New Venture

Brian Derby has joined the company and will be actively involved in promoting the new specialist division of Tritech which will be called "Tritech Vibro Ground Improvement". (VGI)

Brian Derby who has been previously employed by the specialist companies Bauer Foundations, Roger Bullivant and Independent Ground Improvement and has over 30 years experience in the design and implementation of Vibro Ground Improvement.

Vibro Ground Improvement is a very economical technique for enhancing ground bearing capacity and limiting settlement especially for geotechnical difficult and problematic soil conditions and is widely used for residential, low rise buildings, embankments and Industrial units.

Tritech Vibro Ground Improvement company (VGI) will focus on targeting all projects involving ground improvement with special emphasis being put on the housing market and large industrial Warehouses and Embankments.

We are especially interested in projects where Vibro Ground Improvement will complement the other niche skill disciplines within AE Yates group such as Piling and Soil Stabilisation to offer a one stop shop for foundation options to our clients.

Tritech Vibro Ground Improvement working together with Combined Stabilisation and Tritech Piling can now offer clients innovative cost effective solutions as an alternative to very expensive mass deep foundations and costly replacement which would, in the past, had to be carried out by multiple sub- contractors under the control of the Main Contractor.

We would welcome all enquiries for Ground Improvement including feasibility, budget costing and general advice to demonstrate to you the cost effectiveness of working with one company that can offer expertise in so many specialist activities.

Posted by: Yates Group / 22 January 2014 at 11:06 / Comment

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