New Venture

Brian Derby has joined the company and will be actively involved in promoting the new specialist division of Tritech which will be called " Tritech Vibro Ground Improvement ". (VGI) Brian Derby who has been previously employed by the specialist companies Bauer Foundations, Roger Bullivant and Independent Ground Improvement and has over 30 years experience in the design and implementation of Vibro Ground Improvement . Vibro Ground Improvement is a very economical technique for enhancing ground bearing capacity and limiting settlement especially for geotechnical difficult and problematic soil conditions and is widely more

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New Server

The A E Yates Group have installed a dual storage area network with redundant Vmware virtual servers and redundant storage backed with an industry leading Cisco switching infrastructure. The site hardware consists of one physical server and one storage array. Vmware is split into virtual servers which can be used for file shares, exchange email, SQL and other services. The main benefits of Vmware are: the ablility to create many servers on one piece of server hardware more efficient use of resources ability to move servers from one piece of hardware to another more

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New Rig!

Tritech Piling & Foundations Ltd have added a new piling rig to their ever expanding fleet. The piling rig is a Casagrande B175 which arrived in the UK on the 13th November 2013. The piling rig was commissioned by Casagrande whilist AE Yates fitters fitted the piling rig with a complete auto grease system to ensure that the rig is greased at all times. Once the B175 piling rig was all up and running it was sent off to Billingham to assist the Mait24 piling rig installing 1000+ 450mm diameter CFA piles drilled to a maximum depth more

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