Steel Piling at Avonspark Street, Glasgow (C21103)

Terra Solutions Limited

We were asked to pile a circular cofferdam for a storage tank on behalf of Scottish Water to help with internal/external flooding on the housing estate


We supplied and installed 136nr L605 larssen piles at 8.0m long to make a 24m dia. circular cofferdam, which gave a 20m dia. shaft so a storage tank could be installed on Avonspark Street.  To do this contract we used our Tosa Silent Pile Press due to the proximity to the housing estate.

The cofferdam was 7m deep and supported by 4nr frames at intervals.  Both the cofferdam and framework were designed by SPIA.  the lowest 2 frames were sacrificial and covered over as the concrete was poured, but the top 2 frames were removed for re-use.

Study Project Date  
Steel Piling at Avonspark Street, Glasgow (C21103) 01/04/2016
New Mill Street, CSO Chamber 20/02/2012
Steel Pile Flood Relief Scheme at Washington, Tyne & Wear 30/04/2010

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