New Outfall Structure and Pipe Trench, Penketh


As part of the new Whittle Brook flood alleviation scheme a new Outfall Structure and Pipe Trench was commissioned


The Project involved the installation of permanent sheet piles for the new outfall structure on the banks of the river mersey at Whittle Brook

We used 3W at 9m and 4W at 12m piles (Japanese)for the piling works and in addition to the sheet piles there were some permanent anchor piles and tie rods integrated within the works to ensure structural stability. All this work was done using our E385 tonne tracked Excavator with the SP75 Movax Side Grip Vibratory Hammer

The original works were amended and added to once we arrived as we had to make an 8x8m piling platform from bearing piles, which was then cantilevered over the estuary within the inter-tidal zone so we could commence installing the piles for the outfall structure.

We als had to do a small amount of temporary piling the allow the outfall pipe to be contructed, these were then extracted upon completion,

The contract took appx.16 weeks with the value of 273K

Study Project Date  
Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, Port Gordon (C21190) 01/02/2017
New Outfall Structure and Pipe Trench, Penketh 01/04/2011
Brecon to Tirley Gas Pipeline 01/04/2007

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