Brecon to Tirley Gas Pipeline

PPS Pipeline Systems

Thrust & Reception Pits for the Brecon to Tirley Gas Pipeline


SPI were contracted to Design, Supply, Install and Remove 204nr Larssen VL 605/PU22-1 (or similar) Steel Sheet Piles, max length 11.0m, to form two cofferdams, for the Thrust and Reception Pits associated to the Mechanised crossing at Afon Llynfl (RVX 38) as part of the Brecon to Tirley 1200mm Gas Pipeline Project. Also to include the supply, installation and removal of the top "welded steel" waling frame to each cofferdam.

Study Project Date  
Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm, Port Gordon (C21190) 01/02/2017
New Outfall Structure and Pipe Trench, Penketh 01/04/2011
Brecon to Tirley Gas Pipeline 01/04/2007

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