Tadcaster - Flood Damaged Bridge Reconstruction (C21101)

Balfour Beatty

Reconstruction of the historic bridge seriously damaged by the floods of December 2015


SPI PIling were appointed by Balfour Beatty, as the steel piling specialist, to design, supply and install piles to help with the reconstruction of the historic bridge in Tadcaster which was seriously damaged during the floods of December 2015.

As part of the reconstruction, 3 nr sacrificial steel piled cofferdams were installed to enable Balfour Beatty to construct the foundations for the new bridge piers. Most of the works were undertaken in a tight environment under the arches of the bridge, resulting short piles been driven in place using our Movax SPH75 with sheet pile extension being welded in place for further driving of the piles.  This enabled 8m piles being driven into rock, with a restricted working height of 4.5m (some 184nr L605/6 piles).  The piles outside the front print of the archway were installed in full lengths (10.5m).  The installation process required carefull planning to ensure that the movax could install piles whilst the welding gang were carrying out the welding of the pile extensions.

Rock head differed from the bore holes we were given, which meant piles were driven deeper until bed rock was encountered which ranged from -3.0mOD to -3.7mOD and not -2.0mOD as anticipated.  This can be a familiar occurence for us at SPIP but discussions with the client and our expert team meant suitable solutions were found quickly and the job continued without any  delay.

The project was done over 3 seperate visits and had a contract value of £250,000

Study Project Date  
Tadcaster - Flood Damaged Bridge Reconstruction (C21101) 29/02/2016
Hemshaw Lane, Stockport (C21070) 14/09/2015
Godley Slopes Embankment Slip 12/03/2012
Steel Pile Retaining Wall on Crabb Lane 31/03/2010
Steel Piling works to MS4 Base, M6 Junction 38/39, near Tebay 28/02/2010

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