Godley Slopes Embankment Slip

G.P.L Civil Engineering Limited

Permanent Sheet Piling works from the hardshoulder of the M67 under lane closure


We had to supply and install permanent steel sheet piles, using the E385 Excavator with the extension dipper arm and the Movax SPH75 Vibratory Hammer from the hard shoulder of the M67 Westbound, under lane closure. This was done under an approved / controlled traffic management plan provided by A One Plus.

The steel sheet piles will be installed into the existing embankment over an approximate distance of 100 metre long in 2 areas, where the ground slippage has occurred to the motorway embankment

Area A - 42 Nr GU8 N Grade S355 GP piles at 4.5 metres long.
Area B - 28 Nr AU16 Grade S390 GP piles at 5.0 metres long.

Study Project Date  
Tadcaster - Flood Damaged Bridge Reconstruction (C21101) 29/02/2016
Hemshaw Lane, Stockport (C21070) 14/09/2015
Godley Slopes Embankment Slip 12/03/2012
Steel Pile Retaining Wall on Crabb Lane 31/03/2010
Steel Piling works to MS4 Base, M6 Junction 38/39, near Tebay 28/02/2010

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