Station Road, Croft, Leicestershire

Stobart Rail Ltd

Under full Railway Possession we installed Permanent Sheet Piling for embankment stabilisation works


The project involved the installation of permanent sheet piling for embankment stabilisation at Station Road, Croft, Leics. This work was done under possession. Piling could only commence once all isolations were in place which was done by Stobart Rail.

We used 20nr SX18 sheet piles, based on a plan length of 12m with our E385 Excavator with the Movax SPH75 Side Grip Vibratory Hammer. The Rig was tracked into position, over the railway tracks, on timber mats.Once the piles had been pitched and driven using the Vibratory Hammer, a "Fambo" type Hydraulic Impact Hammer was fitted to drive the piles to design toe level.

The project was done over a 20 hour shift, starting at 10pm, and had a contract value of 32K

Study Project Date  
Station Road, Croft, Leicestershire 28/11/2009
London Road, Hackbridge - Bridge and Embankment Widening 31/10/2009
Milton Keynes Bletchley Project 31/08/2007
Trent Valley 4 Tracking under possession, Lichfield 30/11/2006

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