London Road, Hackbridge - Bridge and Embankment Widening

Birse Rail

Steel Sheet Piling Works under possession for new Bridge Abutment Bases, Hackbridge Bridge and Embankment Widening


As part of the proposed Bridge and Embankment Widening adjacent to Hackbridge Station, sheet piling was to be installed to form sacrificial temporary works piling for the new North and South Bridge Abutment Bases to be constructed either side of the existing railway.

We had to supply and install approximately 75 L603/AU16 sheet piles, 4.5 to 6.0 metres long, to form temporary works either side of the railway for the new bridge abutment bases. A long reach dipper arm was fitted to the 38T excavator before the Movax attachment was added, this was to enable us to reach from south side of the railway to the line of piles north of the railway without having to access on to the railway tracks. All this work was done under full railway possession over an 18 hour shift.

Study Project Date  
Station Road, Croft, Leicestershire 28/11/2009
London Road, Hackbridge - Bridge and Embankment Widening 31/10/2009
Milton Keynes Bletchley Project 31/08/2007
Trent Valley 4 Tracking under possession, Lichfield 30/11/2006

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