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Listed below is a current list of some of the more major items of Plant and Equipment that SPI Piling Ltd have in their arsenal.

We also have a number of pieces of smaller ancilliary plant, so if you do not see what your looking for please do not hesitate and ask the question via our Contact Us web page or call us on 0845 450 7475

ABI Telescopic Leader Rigs


The ABI Leader Rigs are a fast and efficient self contained mobile machine for the installation and extraction of piles. The multifunctional mast provides support for all attachments required for pile driving, extracting, augering and static pile pressing operations, eliminating the requirement for traditional temporary works and allows for pile installation using "Pitch and Drive" methods

More About Leader Rigs

Excavator and Movax Rigs


The Movax vibrator unit fixes to the end of the dipper arm of a 360 excavator. One of its major advantages is that the vibrator unit is able to be rotated vertically and horizontally. In normal driving mode the Movax, like conventional vibrator units will clamp onto the top of a pile to drive it. However by rotating the Movax in the vertical plane it is able to grip a pile at the side and drive from this configuration. This enables a pile that is longer than the clearance under the unit to be partly driven until the pile is low enough to relocate the Movax and clamp it onto the pile top, and complete the drive. The multi-rotational ability means that the Movax can pick a pile off a stack, self pitch it, and then drive to level. With the unit fixed to the end of its arm the excavator can stand back from the pile line to drive the pile. This enables piles to be driven where access is awkward, and with less preparatory work being required.

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The Tosa Silent & Vibrationless Piler


Silent and Vibrationless allows pile installation with very low noise levels and minimal vibration and so minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment, so is ideally suited to environmentally sensitive areas. This specialist pile pressing equipment should suit many sites with constraints, variable soil strata and difficult ground conditions.

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2316 VM Hammer


A smaller hammer than the 24 VM. Working on Vibration this hammer needs no Rig; it is a Crane Suspended piece of kit and is used for Conventional works only.

More About 2316 VM Vibratory Hammer

24 VM Hammer


A larger hammer than the 2316 VM. Working on Vibration, this hammer can work like the 2316 Rig. It is suspended from a cranet and used for Conventional works only.

More About 24 VM Vibratory Hammer

Dawson HPH 1200 Hydraulic Impact hammer


The Hydraulic Impact Hammer, as its name suggests, works on impact as against vibration with the VM Vibratory Hammers. The hammer is rig mounted and is used for percussive works.

More About HPH 1200 Hydraulic Impact Hammer

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