Alexandra House, Altrincham (C21203)

Barnfield Construction Ltd

Install a sheet piled basement retaining wall for underground car park


SPI PIling Ltd we asked to design, supply and install a sheet piled basement retaining wall along with clutch welding for a new underground car park for the new luxury apartment and mew property development.

We had to install 235linm AZ18-700 sheet piles ranging from 10.0m to 16.0m using our 20M Leader Rig.  To enable the client to make full use of the available basement area 2nr sections of piles were increased to AZ26-700 to eliminate 1nr level of framing.  Full clutch welding of the basement was carried out to provide a water tight seal.

Due to the close proximity of the neighbouring property  a vibration free exclusion zone of 6.0m was put in place.  To overcome this restriction and to enable the sheet pile installation to proceed an AZ hydropress attachment was fitted to the 20M Rig to enable panels of 4nr piles to be pressed to level without exceeding any vibration levels.  The piles were pressed up to a depth of 12.0m

The project was carried out over a 3 week period with a contract value of £450K

Study Project Date  
Alexandra House, Altrincham (C21203) 01/05/2017
Clippers Quay Commercial Development C21130 29/07/2016
Bath Vale Works, Congleton 31/01/2012
OLE 6 Drainage Improvements Flow Metre Chamber. Redcar 24/10/2011

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