Coastal & Sea Defence Projects

SPI Piling Ltd has successfully completed a number of Coastal and Sea Defence Projects over the years and has extensive experience in working under tidal conditions.

If the defence work is tidal this can be restrictive at times as work has to cease, and all equipment be cleared prior to the tide coming in and then re-mobilised up after the tide has receeded. We pride ourselves on having a flexible workforce as this often means we work two shifts a day at some unsociable hours.

The case studies below show the range of works undertaken using our Movax Rigs and our Plant and Equipment.


For further information, if you have a similar project please contact us

SPI working at Cleveleys

Case Studies

Study Project Date  
Anchorsholme Coastal Protection Scheme C20940 30/04/2014
Cable Trench at Thornton Gate, Cleveleys 15/03/2011
Steel Pile Flood Defence Scheme at Brough 30/06/2010

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