SPI Appleton Ltd on the Mersey Gateway

SPI Appleton Ltd on the Mersey Gateway

SPI Appleton Ltd has been awarded with a multi-million pound contract for the construction of three circular cofferdams in the river and building the temporary trestle bridge at Wigg Island in Runcorn.

Once built, the trestle structure will stretch across the River Mersey, providing construction teams with access to the estuary so that they can start work on building the new 600m bridge. The temporary trestle bridge will be some 1,000 metres long and 9 metres wide when complete.

Approximately 140 steel piles will be driven around 16 metres into the ground to support the temporary bridge. Each pile measures 20 metres long and weighs 3 tons. The initial part of the work involved foundation pile testing to ensure that the structure can be safely supported.

Similar construction activity to build the trestle bridge at Spike Island on the northern side of the river has begun. The two structures will meet in the middle of the river in early 2015.

The cranes for the south side of the trestle construction were transported on a barge up the Manchester ship canal from Liverpool Docks.

The Mersey Gateway Project will be one of the largest infrastructure initiatives in the UK over the coming years. Last year Mersey Gateway was identified as one of the UK government's Top 40 priority projects in the National Infrastructure Plan and it has been recognised by KPMG as one of the 'Top 100 infrastructure projects around the globe'.

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