SPI Piling was established over 16 years ago, has built up a considerable portfolio of successful projects and now leads the way as one of the largest Steel Sheet Piling companies in the UK.

When Eric Livermore started the company in 1999, he found his first rig, "the Zepplin" in Germany. Once purchased, it was transported back to the UK and underwent a major overhaul. It came out re-liveried in the SPI colours we know today. Photos on this page show the rig as it was when purchased, its arrival with the SPI logo and livery and out on one of our first contracts. This was a job in Manchester City Centre and you can see the Zepplin tracking round the narrow streets, which were quiet tight in places, so mats had to be placed under the tracks of the rig so as not to damage the road surface.

The A E Yates Group bought the company back in 2006 from its original founder Mr Eric Livermore, to enhance the presence of the group in this specialist subcontract area.

SPI Piling have managed to adapt to the changing environment, and is managing to ride out the current cliamate by its positive approach to any situation which is helped by a steady, well trained and experienced workforce.

To further enhance our position as one of the UK's leading Piling Companies we have also managed to achieve the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 Accreditations back in 2009

We have also added for historical interest some case studies from our early days.

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The Zepplin arrives in the new SPI liveryOne of SPI's first job was in Manchester, the Zepplin had to track through the narrow side streets

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