Lime Modification at Hameldon College, Burnley

Adana Construction

Hameldon College, Burnley



When Phase 2 of this project, a college development within the town of Burnley, was awarded to Adana Construction it was no surprise that they contact CSSL to undertake the Bulk Modification works. Along with the benefit of being a local company, CSSL also had previous experience of the site having carried out works previously on Phase 1.

Specialist Plant used by Combined Soil Stabilisation

Due to close proximity of the college building, a WR2500SK Integrated Mixer was used to control any dust issues, and working alongside Adana, CSSL completed the works on time and to the specified design.

Study Project Date  
Soil Stabilisation at Hinkley Point 'C' Nuclear Power Station 23/01/2015
Combined Soil Stabilisation at Jaguar Landrover, Solihull 07/01/2013
Lime Modification for Tesco Superstore, Hattersley 01/08/2011
Soil Stabilisation at Stublach Gas Storage, Northwich 01/06/2011
Soil Stabilisation at Tesco Store, Great Harwood 01/06/2011
Soil Stabilisation at Northwood Recycling, Matlock 01/04/2011
Lime Modification at Hameldon College, Burnley 01/03/2011
Cement Stabilisation at Loch Ryan Port, Stranraer 01/01/2011
Lime Modification at Sir John Thursby College, Burnley 01/12/2007
Lime Modification at Minworth WWTW 01/07/2007
Soil Stabilisation at BAE, Chadderton 01/06/2007
Soil Stabilisation at Eaves Green Link Road, Chorley 01/02/2007
Cement Stabilisation at Clydebank Towpath, Glasgow 01/11/2006
Soil Stabilisation, Leeds Bradford Airport 01/10/2005

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