Soil Stabilisation Testing

Combined Soil Stabilisation Ltd offer soil stabilisation testing (by UKAS Accredited Laboratories) as part of our complete package. This is due to the fact that certain chemicals and minerals that are detrimental to the stabilising process may be present in the host material. It is essential that the ground is sampled and tested at the earliest opportunity.

Further sub-samples are used to arrive at a site specific mix design (i.e how much binder(s)) that satisfies the requirements of the engineer for the works. When stabilising work commences on site a laboratory technician will be present to carry out the compliance testing demanded by the specification. Testing of the finished layer(s) of stabilised material may also be required.

At Combined Soil Stabilisation we only use independent and accredited laboratories to undertake our testing. This has 2 advantages:

1) It promotes the confidence of the client as they have access to the testing and reporting.

2) The lab, as an independent party, is only concerned with the test in hand and not any connected matters.

Below is a video showing Soil Stabilisation Testing being carried out on site


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