CSSL accommodates the force!

Combined Soil Stabilisation has just started work in Bridgewater on the Avon and Somerset Police Accommodation Project for Miller Construction.

The works requires an improvement of the subgrade to achieve a minimum strength of 5%CBR. CSSL will then move site won surplus material from a stockpile, place in a 300mm layer and stabilise with lime and cement to achieve a minimum 30% CBR that is non frost susceptible to the external areas.

The same operation will apply to a piling platform to achieve a minimum bearing capacity of 540kN/m2 to support a large piling rig and cranes. The excess material was originally going to be removed from site, sent to tip and replaced by imported stone.

By using Combined Soil Stabilisation for this project it has reduced the costs for the project, vehicle movements which intern benefits the environment and the local community.


Posted by: Yates Group / 21 November 2012 at 13:27 / Comment

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