Unguided Auger Boring

Unguided Augerboring is a system of jacking a steel casing forward hydraulically whilst simultaneously cutting the face and removing any spoil by means of a continuous flight auger. It is a simple and cheap system for relatively short distances especially where the steel sleeve can be used as the product pipe. The main use is in cross country gas mains for road and railway crossings. The equipment and product pipe are usually relatively long and the system is most economic where a long battered drive pit can be used.

Once the drive pit has been excavated rails are laid along the pit bottom parallel to the line of the drive. The auger drive unit is mounted on the rails. The drive unit powers the auger as well as hydraulically pushing itself along the track and jacking the pipe or sleeve, with the auger inside it, into the ground. This allows the auger to excavate the ground as it advances. This ensures that the ground is supported at all times by the sleeve (pipe). Once the pipe has been fully pushed, a further pipe length, complete with auger, is added and the process repeated until the reception pit is reached. The augers are then removed and the pipe/sleeve cleaned out. The system is very quick and simple but is usually unsteered and therefore limited in the lengths that can be driven.

This system can install up to 1.2m diameter pipes and whilst it is mainly used for steel tube it can be used with concrete pipes.

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd have a number of Unguided Auger Boring Case Studies

Blind auger boring rig working on site

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