Unguided Auger Boring at Hawridge. DB120

Thames Water

A sleeve for a new water main pipe.


Unguided auger boring

To install 2 No outside diameter thick wall steel pipes in 5 x 6m lengths as sleeves for the 450mm OD water main using ourunguided auger boring system. This was carried out beneath a ancient monument, Grimms Ditch, a roadway and a pond which contained newts.

Study Project Date  
Unguided Auger Boring at Braden Trunk Main PSC Mains Renew, Irvine, Scotland. M238 07/11/2016
Unguided Auger Boring at Empingham to Hannington Water Pipeline. M130 31/07/2009
Unguided Auger Boring at Hawridge. DB120 28/02/2009

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