Shaft Sinking at Wythenshawe. M226

Private Domestic Client

A new industrial process required a water storage vessel to be constructed below the floor level of a portal frame building. We were approached by the client who required us to undertake a feasibility study of the various options available. The Client chose a shaft lined with caisson rings and in-situ concrete base. We finalised the design and following Client approval we undertook the works.


shaft sinking

After diamond sawing and removal of the existing structural concrete floor slab we built a DN3000 x 6.5m deep caisson shaft using full rings and proprietary steel cutting edge. A reinforced concrete base was cast and a second layer of in-situ concrete placed on the guide collar to suit the steel support frame required by the new process.

The completed shaft was tested to ensure it met the standards for an aqueous retaining structure before being put in to use.

Ground Conditions: Stiff dry CLAY


Study Project Date  
Shaft Sinking at Bryn Cowlyd Water Treatment Works, Dolgarrog, Wales. M236 06/02/2017
Shaft Sinking at Llanberis Waste Water Treatment Works. M237 03/10/2016
Shaft Sinking at Wythenshawe. M226 06/07/2015
Shaft Sinking at Parsons Street Underbridge, Bristol. M215 06/07/2015
Shaft Sinking at Collingwood Road/Melville Road Shaft, Bristol, Avon. M206 07/04/2014
Shaft Sinking at Pool Close, Puriton, Somerset. M205 13/01/2014
Shaft Sinking at Ipswich Chord Sewer Diversion, Ipswich. M194 03/06/2013
Shaft Sinking at Wellwood Street FAS, Amble, Northumberland. M188 05/11/2012
Shaft Sinking at Shepton Mallet STW Upgrade, Shepton Mallet. M183 27/07/2012
Shaft Sinking to Heald Green Station UTX, Cheadle, Manchester. M180 29/02/2012
Shaft Sinking at Howdon STW, Newcastle Upon Tyne. M179 30/11/2011
Microtunnelling at Denshaw Road, DG5, Delph, Lancashire. M173 31/10/2011
Shaft Sinking at Colby FTS, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria M169 30/04/2011
Microtunnelling at Hunter Street CSO, Glasgow. M163 30/09/2010
Shaft Sinking at Mill Brow Flood Alleviation Scheme, St Helens. M156 31/05/2010

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