Shaft Sinking at Bryn Cowlyd Water Treatment Works, Dolgarrog, Wales. M236

Welsh Water

Significant upgrades to Bryn Cowlyn Water Treatment Works.


The project involves delivering significant upgrades to Bryn Cowlyn Water Treatment Works that will safeguard the supply of water to around 100,000 people in the Conwy valley and North Wales coast.  The design includes upgrades to hydro-generation dissolved air flotation systems, rapid gravity filter units and high lift pumping stations.  The team has been challenged to complete this complex £31 million scheme ahead of the 2017 delivery date set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Description of Works:

DN10500 x 7.5m deep jacked caisson to provide an emergency pumping station.  Mass concrete plug and reinforced concrete base.

A bespoke temporary suspension system was designed, manufactured, installed and operated by AEYTS to prevent the shaft structure sinking into the very soft ground.  This system supported the 250 ton shaft prior to construction of the concrete plug and RC base.

Ground conditions: Wet alluvium

Study Project Date  
Shaft Sinking at Bryn Cowlyd Water Treatment Works, Dolgarrog, Wales. M236 06/02/2017
Shaft Sinking at Llanberis Waste Water Treatment Works. M237 03/10/2016
Shaft Sinking at Wythenshawe. M226 06/07/2015
Shaft Sinking at Parsons Street Underbridge, Bristol. M215 06/07/2015
Shaft Sinking at Collingwood Road/Melville Road Shaft, Bristol, Avon. M206 07/04/2014
Shaft Sinking at Pool Close, Puriton, Somerset. M205 13/01/2014
Shaft Sinking at Ipswich Chord Sewer Diversion, Ipswich. M194 03/06/2013
Shaft Sinking at Wellwood Street FAS, Amble, Northumberland. M188 05/11/2012
Shaft Sinking at Shepton Mallet STW Upgrade, Shepton Mallet. M183 27/07/2012
Shaft Sinking to Heald Green Station UTX, Cheadle, Manchester. M180 29/02/2012
Shaft Sinking at Howdon STW, Newcastle Upon Tyne. M179 30/11/2011
Microtunnelling at Denshaw Road, DG5, Delph, Lancashire. M173 31/10/2011
Shaft Sinking at Colby FTS, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria M169 30/04/2011
Microtunnelling at Hunter Street CSO, Glasgow. M163 30/09/2010
Shaft Sinking at Mill Brow Flood Alleviation Scheme, St Helens. M156 31/05/2010

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