Microtunnelling at Denshaw Road, DG5, Delph, Lancashire. M173

United Utilities

Manhole Shafts, Weir Chambers & Gravity Sewers


shaft sinking

Construction of 3 No shafts and convert to finished manholes and weir chambers:

  • 1No 4.5 id x 9m deep
  • 1No 3.0m id x 6m deep
  • 1No 3.0m id x 5m deep

Install 3No DN1000 gravity sewers using Soltau RVS400 full face slurry TBM:

  • 68m
  • 60m
  • 28m

Ground Conditions

Moderately strong mudstone

Study Project Date  
Works at M6 Junction 16-19 Smart Motorways. M243 06/11/2017
Shaft Sinking at Bryn Cowlyd Water Treatment Works, Dolgarrog, Wales. M236 06/02/2017
Shaft Sinking at Llanberis Waste Water Treatment Works. M237 03/10/2016
Shaft Sinking at Wythenshawe. M226 06/07/2015
Shaft Sinking at Parsons Street Underbridge, Bristol. M215 06/07/2015
Shaft Sinking at Collingwood Road/Melville Road Shaft, Bristol, Avon. M206 07/04/2014
Shaft Sinking at Pool Close, Puriton, Somerset. M205 13/01/2014
Shaft Sinking at Ipswich Chord Sewer Diversion, Ipswich. M194 03/06/2013
Shaft Sinking at Wellwood Street FAS, Amble, Northumberland. M188 05/11/2012
Shaft Sinking at Shepton Mallet STW Upgrade, Shepton Mallet. M183 27/07/2012
Shaft Sinking to Heald Green Station UTX, Cheadle, Manchester. M180 29/02/2012
Shaft Sinking at Howdon STW, Newcastle Upon Tyne. M179 30/11/2011
Microtunnelling at Denshaw Road, DG5, Delph, Lancashire. M173 31/10/2011
Shaft Sinking at Colby FTS, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria M169 30/04/2011
Microtunnelling at Hunter Street CSO, Glasgow. M163 30/09/2010
Shaft Sinking at Mill Brow Flood Alleviation Scheme, St Helens. M156 31/05/2010

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