Pipe Bursting at Cardigan Rural. D354

Welsh Water

Rolling Programme of pipe replacement


pipe bursting

We under took Pipe Bursting replacement to the existing water main in a number of different location within the Cardigan area totally 2452m. HDD work was also completed with 4478m pipe installed.

Ground Conditions

Vary from clay to sands, gravel pockets and some rock.


Study Project Date  
Pipe Bursting at University of Liverpool. M250 02/04/2018
Pipe Bursting at Ashley Close, Bradford on Avon. DB269 28/09/2012
Pipe Bursting at Windmill Avenue, Kettering. D411 28/09/2012
Pipe Bursting at Laburnum Park, Carnforth. D385 08/05/2012
Pipe Bursting at Beaulieu. DB228 31/01/2012
Pipe Bursting at Cardigan Rural. D354 31/07/2011
Pipe Bursting at YMCA Postley Road, Maidstone. DB190 31/01/2009
C457 - Pipe Bursting at Swayling to Bitterne Water Main Southampton. 31/08/2006

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