Pipe Bursting at Beaulieu. DB228

Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water Company

Replacement of new water main



Pipe Bursting of 1600m of 4" ductile iron pipe. Our specialist bursting crew achieved on average a daily rate of 150m allowing for piecing up and back filling of pits.

Ground Conditions

Firm Clay

Study Project Date  
Pipe Bursting at University of Liverpool. M250 02/04/2018
Pipe Bursting at Ashley Close, Bradford on Avon. DB269 28/09/2012
Pipe Bursting at Windmill Avenue, Kettering. D411 28/09/2012
Pipe Bursting at Laburnum Park, Carnforth. D385 08/05/2012
Pipe Bursting at Beaulieu. DB228 31/01/2012
Pipe Bursting at Cardigan Rural. D354 31/07/2011
Pipe Bursting at YMCA Postley Road, Maidstone. DB190 31/01/2009
C457 - Pipe Bursting at Swayling to Bitterne Water Main Southampton. 31/08/2006

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