Microtunnelling at Frederick Road Track Drainage Connection, Salford. M234

Network Rail

Track Drainage Connection


Project Overview    

The existing railway track has been lowered where it passes below the road bridge on Frederick Road to accommodate the installation of new OHLE. The new track alignment necessitates the installation of trackside drainage and an outfall to the United Utilities sewer network. Story Contracting approached us to provide a feasible solution to install 17m of DN225 outfall pipe from the trackside and connect to an existing United Utilities manhole. The proposed route passes below the railway cutting embankment, a live 33kVA electricity main, the access road to Electricity North West offices and depot and had depths of cover varying from 2m to 9m. The existing brickwork manhole was too small to allow any works, other than the final connection, to be undertaken from it.

Description of Works 

  • Sheeted and framed drive pit constructed during weekend rail possessions.
  • DN1270 x 17m of hand excavated tunnel, supported by steel liner plates.
  • Make connection to existing manhole.
  • Installation of DN225 twin wall pipe within the tunnel.
  • Filling of tunnel with foamed concrete during nightshift working to eliminate disruption to ENWL operations.

Ground conditions      Made ground (embankment fill) and firm dry clay.

Study Project Date  
Hand Pipe Jacking at Birmingham University. M253 03/09/2018
Microtunnelling at Frederick Road Track Drainage Connection, Salford. M234 05/06/2017
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Microtunnelling at Ineos Chlor Site Drain, Runcorn, Cheshire. M172 31/07/2011
Microtunnelling at Hall Nook FAS, Penketh, Warrington. M167 28/02/2011
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Microtunnelling at Suffolk Road Rail Crossing. M148 30/11/2009
Microtunnelling at Beckton to Woodford Pipeline. M146 31/10/2009
Microtunnelling at A1 Dishforth to Leeming Carriageway Widening. M144 31/08/2009
Microtunnelling for Gas Pipeline, Lincoln - Gainsborough Railway Crossing. M141 30/04/2009
Microtunnelling at Millharbour Sewer Diversion. M142 28/02/2009
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Microtunnelling at Pannal to Asselby 1220 Gas Pipeline - RLX's. M128 31/10/2007
Microtunnelling at Locks Lane, Purton - RLX. M115 31/12/2006

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