Guided Augering at West Chiltington. MBA011

Holleran Mouchel Parkman

Reduce the risk of private properties being flooded


guided auger boring

As a result of private properties flooding during extreme rainfall, Holleran Mouchel Parkman working for Southern Water, were awarded the contract to place some 400m of sewer pipes to reduce the risk of sewer flooding.

Whilst most of the sewer could be laid open cut, AE Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd were awarded two guided auger drills, 28m and 60m of 225mm, to be installed to a required gradient.

Excavation of the launch and receive pits highlighted one problem of very high ground water level, this coupled with very soft silty ground made life a little difficult for the main contractor to construct the first drive pit. Once completed, the auger machine was lowered into position and checks made for the correct alignment, gradient and invert.

The first pilot run of 28m, across the main road in the village from a public car park to public verge, took less than half a shift, with the augering process taking 2 days. Once the casings were through to the exit pit, the augers were withdrawn and the 225mm Naylor Denlok clay pipes jacked into positions in only 3 hours.
The second pilot drive of 60 metres took one day to drill and then 3 subsequent days to auger out and withdraw augers. Jacking in the 225mm clay pipes took one day. This second installation avoided the need to block off 4 private drive ways, and given installations of both auger drives was approx 3 metres, there was a significant saving in time, plant and cost to the main contractor and ultimately the customer.

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