Guided Auger Boring at Welton Avenue DG5. M187

Balfour Beatty

The installed pipeline is part of a combined sewer up sizing project to stop properties on Welton Avenue from flooding.


guided auger boring

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions were contracted by BBUSL to undertake 4No guided auger drives on their Welton Avenue DG5 contract. Our works took place in two separate locations which involved up lifting all plant and equipment and moving to a separate site.

We under took two guided auger drives from each location, one up stream and one down stream, the work was carried out utilising our Bohrtec BM600 guided auger machine which gave us extra capacity in dealing with the firm / stiff clay ground conditions.
On this contract 4No drives were done, each of approximately 60m in length. One was under a footpath, one under a busy carriageway, one under a residential property and one under Greasby Cricket Club pitches, so that reinstatement was not required.

All 4 drives were completed successfully and within the contract period and to the approval of our client. The pipe that was installed was free issue DN450 concrete pipe after augering with 600mm augers and casings.

Study Project Date  
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