Culvert Replacement at Lund Terrace FAS, Ulverston UTX, Cumbria. M240

Environment Agency and Network Rail

Replacement Culvert within rail embankment near Lund Terrace.


As a part of the Town Beck scheme the Environment Agency and their scheme partners, Network Rail, have been working to construct a replacement culvert within the rail embankment near to Lund Terrace. The new culvert will replace an existing culvert which has significantly deteriorated in recent years. The old culvert will be capped off upon completion of the works. The new culvert is being built to increase the standard of protection of properties which are currently at risk of flooding on Lund Terrace and the adjacent housing estates. Post scheme completion in November 2017, this will increase the Standard of Protection in the area to protect against a 1 in 100-year event.

Description of Works:

Battered drive pit with pre-piled back wall

DN1800 x 50m UTX using our MH3 backacter

Installation of 2No pre-cast concrete headwalls

Network Rail awarded the site with the Health, Safety and Welfare Banner for excellent working practices and overall performance.

Ground conditions:

Granular made ground – embankment fill

Study Project Date  
Culvert Replacement at Lund Terrace FAS, Ulverston UTX, Cumbria. M240 03/04/2017
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