Culvert Repair at Riley Lane, Kirkburton, Huddersfield. M152

Environment Agency

Maintain and Repair surface water culverts.



As part of the Environment Agency's programme to maintain and repair surface water culverts it became apparent that a section of existing stone culvert was in need of very urgent repair. The existing rectangular culvert structure had begun to collapse and presented serious blockage and settlement risk.

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd undertook a detailed survey and feasibility study to determine the extent of the works and most viable option to complete the repair. We were subsequently awarded the contract to install 20m of DN1200 GRT jacking pipes using a pipe jack technique.

The works were completed within the expected duration and without any adverse effects to the domestic properties located directly adjacent to the culvert. In addition to the pipe jacking works we also constructed a temporary sheeted pit, permanent DN2400 manhole and undertook small scale repairs to the base of the stone culvert either side of the new pipe.

Ground Conditions

Mixed made ground and stone culvert construction

Study Project Date  
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Culvert Refurbishment at Shaw Brook. M220 02/03/2015
Culvert Repair at Winnings, Newcastle upon Tyne. M211 16/06/2014
Culvert replacement at Ellergill Culvert UTX, Nethertown, Cumbria. M197 02/09/2013
Culvert Replacement at Willowburn, Alnwick. M195 01/07/2013
Culvert works at Jepsons Clough, Horwich, Bolton. M189 04/02/2013
Culvert Repairs at Millfield Lane, Walbottle, Newcastle upon Tyne. M186 02/07/2012
Culvert Replacement at Antley Syke, Accrington. M182 29/06/2012
Culvert Repair at Harwood Brook, Great Harwood - Manholes B2 to B3 relining. M165 30/11/2011
Culvert Refurbishment at HIRPS, Hockery Brook, Hindley. M171 01/04/2011
Culvert Repair at Harwood Brook Culvert Lining and retaining wall, Great Harwood. M165 31/01/2011
Culvert Repair at Riley Lane, Kirkburton, Huddersfield. M152 30/04/2010

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