Plant & Machinery For Sale

A E Yates Group of Companies are constantly updating and renewing our wide range of plant & equipment. As a consequence of this we are able to offer, for sale or hire, a number of assets at any time.

Picture of Vermeer 33-44


A E Yates have replaced our fleet of small Vermeer horizontal drilling rigs with an Astec machine. Our last Vermeer D33-44 is now for sale.

Our D33-44 is for sale ready for work and complete with rods and a box trailer.

Tools and a guidance system can also be provided if required.

A wagon system is also available if required.

The D33-44 is an excellent machine for utility work with 33000lbs of pull back and 4400ft lbs of torque.

Our D33-44 is a long carriage machine with 15 foot (4.57m) firestick rods. The longer the rods mean faster drilling because of less rod changes and mean that the rod box carries a greater length of rods than a standard machine meaning longer shots can be made without changing the rod box.

This machine was new in 2001 and has recently had the main hydraulic components replaced and is in good working condition and ready for work.

For more information, to discuss price please email or phone on 01204 696175 or go to our contact page.



The A E Yates Group own two Powerbore horizontal drilling rigs, a standard 50 tone rig set up to work with 3.5inch rods and a 70 tonne rig running with 5 inch rods.

Both rigs are essentially the same. The 70 tonner is basically a 50 tonner with uprated software to give the enhanced pull back.

The machines are crawler mounted with separate control desks and are designed to work with separate mud pumps.
Both machines are now for sale and ready for work.

The Powerbore rigs were designed by HDD Solutions and are manufactured in by Wirth in Germany.

They are a very strong reliable rig capable of longer drive (we have gone 600m) or shorter length of larger diameter pipe (we have done 300m of 610 pipe).

These machine are currently available ready for work but could be supplied resprayed and fully serviced if required.
Rods and tooling are also available if required.

For more information, to discuss price please email or phone on 01204 696175 or go to our contact page.

ASTEC 32/38 (2 FOR SALE)

This is our standard small rig which we use mainly for utility work that is for sale.

The D32/38 provides 32,000lbs (14.5te) of thrust/pullback force with the capability of up to 3,800ft/lbs (4,300 Nm) of torque. The rig weighs 17,280lbs (7.8T) and is 6.3m long by just 2.26m wide.

The machine is sufficently compact and light that we can fit one on a 6 wheel wagon along with a mixing unit for sites where there is nowhere to park a trailer.

A very versatile machine using 3m long drill rods that can work in areas of restricted space whilst carrying 150m of drill string on board.

Capable of drilling up to 200m and installing pipe diameters up to 355mm, dependent on ground conditions, the 32/38 is well suited to urban drilling and line work where high production rates are required. The rack and pinion system proves very reliable and the floating carriage is capable of 120ft per min fast mode for adding and removing rods.

For more information, to discuss price please email or phone on 01204 696175 or go to our contact page.

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