Vermeer D50/100

The Vermeer D50/100 provides 50,000lbs (22te) of thrust/pullback force with the capability of up to 10,000ft/lbs (13,500 Nm) of torque. The rig weighs 29,000 lbs (13.1te) and is 6.4m long by just 2.36m wide.

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A powerful mid sized rig with the ability to deliver time and time again. The onboard Triplex pump delivers up to 150 g.p.m, more than enough to ensure a clean bore and when necessary power a mud motor for rock drilling. In addition the rig can easily be converted to wireline drilling for longer more complex crossings where walkover tracking is not an option. With 3.5" drill rods as standard, the rig is more than capable of drilling up to 400m and installing pipe diameters up to 630mm, dependent on ground conditions. This machine has heavy duty steel tracks and is ideal for field work where access conditions are poor.

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Vermeer D 50 on siteVermeer D50 working on site

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