Bohrtec Front Steer

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd has a Bohrtec Front Steer which is used with the BM400 LSC, this enables us to lay pipes up to 610mm OD from a minimum 4m dia shaft or pit with a 3m reception shaft/pit (depending on pipe length). This machine will push over 100m of pipe using its 200t jacking capacity. The front steer machine is suitable for work in dry ground conditions that have N values that exceed the capacity of a guided auger machine.

The Bohrtec Front Steer uses lazer guidance to install 610mm outside diameter pipes or steel casings to normal guided auger tolerances. This piece of equipment steers at the front like a microtunnelling machine. 610mm OD steel casings and flights are installed behind the front steer machine and the cuttings are returned back to the drive pit. Once the front steer head arrives at the reception shaft the product pipe is attached to the rear of the steel casing. The product pipe is then jacked forward that simultaneously displaces the front steer head, steel casings and augers which are removed from the reception pit until the full span of product pipes are installed.

For further detailed information a manual can be downloaded.

If you wish to discuss your requirements further please contact A E Yates Head Office

Bohrtec BM400 LSCBorhtec BM400 LSC

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