Astec 40/45

This is the 32/38's big brother. The D40/45 provides 40,000lbs (18.1te) of thrust/pullback force with the capability of up to 4,000ft/lbs (6,100 Nm) of torque. The rig weighs 21,620 lbs (9.8T) and is 6.5m long by just 2.1m wide. It is sufficiently compact for urban utility work and has the extra line pull and torque for larger pipes and small crossings.

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A powerful and yet compact machine with foot print similar to 32/38. With on board Triplex pump giving up to 70 g.p.m provides ideal for longer bores where high mud volume needed to clean out the bores. Capable of drilling up to 300m and installing pipe diameters up to 500mm, dependent on ground conditions. As the latest addition to the A e Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd fleet, the 40/45 has proved itself a rugged reliable machine completeing installation of 315mm sleeves for new fuel mains at RAF Lakenheath well within the anticipated programme.

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Astec 40/45 Drilling rigAstec 40/45 HDD Drilling rig

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