American Auger DD110 Drill Rig

The American Augers DD110 is a powerful Mid-size drill rig that provides 110,000 lbs (50 Tonnes) of thrust and pull back force, it has the maximum rotary torque of 14,000 ft-lbs (18,982 Nm).

The working weight of the rig is 44,246 lbs (20,069 kg). The size is 10.31m length by 2.49m width and 2.89m Height.

More Detailed Information

This rig is very power with the ability to deliver time and time again.

The features include a Cummins Tier 3 type diesel with quiet pack technology. It features an 200 U.S gallons per minute on board mud pump maximum flow and 1,100 psi maximum pressure.

This machine boasts 6.1m drill rods with mechanical pipe loading and removable rod baskets for ease of adding more drill string.

It has rubber tracks so road and field work are no problem for it. Fully adjustable thrust and torque for mud motor and air hammer operations. Fully capable for wireline work.

With a 5 1/2" Incredibit drill head this can pilot an 11" hole. This rig is more than capable on drilling up to 750m and installing pipes up to 900mm dependant on ground conditions.

Safety Features
Eslok - Exit Side Lockout System
ZAPALERT - Electrical Detection Device
Emergency Shutdown Switch at Operators console
Electrical Grounding Rods

If you wish to discuss your requirements further please contact A E Yates Head Office

American Auger DD110 HDD rigHDD American Auger DD110 rig

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