48" Blind Auger

Our 48" Blind Auger rig is a track mounted system and are used for the installation of steel sleeves up to 1200mm diameter and up to 100m in length. The pipes are installed in lengths of up to 13 metres.

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A recent development mainly used for crossings on pipelines is the availability of a rock head with roller cutters, which will cut rock up to 200Mpa. The hydraulic jacking force is supplied from a 135hp diesel engine via a standard gear box and slip clutch designed to prevent the machine overturning if obstructions are encountered. The choice of head is dependant on the severity of the rock, bedding planes, fracturing and mixed face conditions. Available jacking force is 250 tons and available torque is 164,000 Nm.

If you wish to discuss your requirements further please contact A E Yates Head Office

Blind auger boring rig working on site48" Blind Auger working on site

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