1800mm ID Herrenknecht

Unlike our 1500mm Herrenknecht our 1800mm ID machine is a centreshaft drive D series machine. The D series has a chamber for a "bentonite bubble" to minimise settlement in changing face conditions. It is not usually necessary at this size of machine. Rollers can still be changed underground but access is above the drive shaft rather than through the centre bearing as in the 1500T. This is a full system with its own pumps and jacking frame.

This machine can be equipped with a tail can where rings can be built behind the TBM rather than pipes but the machine is normally used in pipejacking mode. The 1800D is configured to operate interjacks and has a push module and has been pushed over 400m. It also has a soft ground head which works very well in mixed conditions. This is a large machine with a 1200 T jacking rig and needs at least a 7m dia shaft to launch from.

If you wish to discuss your requirements further please contact A E Yates Head Office

1800mm ID Herrenknecht

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