1200mm Backactor

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd own and operate a 1200ID/1430 OD backactor shield manufactured by Tunnel Engineering Solutions. This is a complete system with skips and winches and a jacking rig (constructed in house) with telescopic rams that allow a full pipe to be pushed without retracting.

In good conditions (a stable face because this is an open face machine) this is the simplest and cheapest way to put jacking pipes in the ground. Dry muck is produced and no separation plant is required. The TES machine is hydraulically powered from an electr-hydraulic powerpack on the surface which gives more room in the machine but limits driving distance. This machine is ideal up to the recommended distance for a 1200 machine of around 125m. Interjack stations and bentoniting systems can be used easily with this machine. The limiting factor is access for the driver. The system has a push module to allow the driver to control the position of the shield independently of the pit bottom and to allow the loads from the cutting edge to be taken off the pit bottom rams.

If you wish to discuss your requirements further please contact A E Yates Head Office

1200mm ID Backacter open faced tunnelling machine

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