1000mm and 1200mm ID Soltau RVS 400 AS

This is a fully hydraulic machine with surface mounted powerpack. It is a rotary machine that crushed stones using the carbides on the head and the rotating cone. Because of its rotary action a roller cutter rock head can be fitted. The Soltau is unique in TBM's of this size in that it has high pressure jetting lines routed through a rotary joint into the rotating arm of the head. Use of this high pressure water greatly increases production in stiff clays. We have a mixed ground head for this machine which works very well in softer or fractured rocks.

This machine is limited to about 200m distance because of the size for access and power losses in the hydraulic lines and we try to limit rock strengths to 50Mpa with the mixed ground head. The Soltau will launch from a 4m shaft and can be recovered from a 3m shaft. We also a have skin for this machine to take it up to 1200ID- 1430OD with a soft ground head and full roller cutter rock head.

If you wish to discuss your requirements further please contact A E Yates Head Office

1000mm ID Soltau RVS 400 AS - microtunnelling rig

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