Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is a well estabilished and cost effective Trenchless method for the replacement of worn or undersized gas, water and sewer pipes. Pipe Bursting is a limited/no dig pipe replacement method that is both quicker and cheaper than traditional open cut methods. In addition to the financial benefits all trenchless techniques cause far less traffic disruption and significantly reduce carbon footprint by minimising site plant and traffic as well as also greatly reducing the use of backfill material.

Pipes made from materials such as clay, plastic, cast iron and asbestos can be replaced and can be used for water, gas and sewage services. Pipe Bursting can be done from existing manholes with compact machinery. Pipe Bursting machinery consists of a small number of parts that are needed to make it fully operational, often smaller rigs come compact on the back of a small trailer.


A splitting/expanding head is inserted into the pipeline that is to be renewed at the launch pit. The head is then pulled through the old pipeline toward the receiving pit. As it progresses the head breaks the old pipe into many small pieces, pushing the pieces into the surrounding soil. The new pipe is attached to the back of the expander head and is pulled in behind the expander, replacing the line in one single action.

There are five key pieces of equipment used in a pipe bursting operation: the expander head, pulling rods, a pulling rig which can pull either rods or steel cable, a retaining device and a hydraulic power pack.

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd can offer a complete contract pipe bursting package which is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

A E Trenchless Solutions Ltd has a number of Pipe Bursting Case Studies

Pipe Bursting Project at Swathling to Bitterne Water Main, SouthamptonOur Pipe Bursting rig in action

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