Guided Auger Boring

Guided Auger Boring is a Trenchless method of installing Clay or Concrete Jacking pipes with a high degree of accuracy. The process is primarily used for the construction of gravity sewers where traditional methods would either not be feasible due to surface obstructions or that the depth of installation required increased cost above that of Augerboring. With our current fleet we can install gravity drainage from 150mm ID - 1000mm ID.

Guided augering system

This system is basically a compact augerboring system designed to exit from a manhole and small pits. It obtains its accuracy in line and level by pushing a hollow rod, fitted with an illuminated target at the rear of the inclined faced cutting head. The target is viewed on a monitor through a theodolite in the pit bottom set to the required pipe centre line. Using the jacking rig the tube is pushed through the ground with the tube aligned to the desired pipe centre line. The tubes are added in 1m lengths as they are pushed forward.

Once the head of the pilot tube has entered the reception pit it is removed. Whilst at the drive shaft the lead auger inside its casing is connected to the last guide tube, thus ensuring the auger follows the designed pipeline. The augers are rotated and pushed forward with new units being added as the works proceed, whilst the guide tubes are removed at the reception shaft.

When the auger head arrives at the reception shaft the first product pipe is placed behind the last pipe in the drive pit and the augers and casings are then pushed into the reception shaft as the product pipe is advanced. This system can install clay, concrete or steel pipes from 150mm ID to 600mm ID.

For diameters above 600mm we have our BM600 machine. With this BM600 guided auger machine, once the auger and casing have been pushed to the reception pit a reamer head of the required diameter is fitted to the auger string in the drive shaft so that it is still following along the pipe centre line. The first product pipe is then fitted behind it and then they are jacked forward. Hydraulic motors in the reaming head provide the power to cut the ground and power the auger string which carries the cut spoil to the reception shaft. The reamer head is advanced by adding product pipes in the drive pit.

This system can handle standard concrete and clay jacking pipes up to 1.0m ID and steel pipes up to 1.2m OD and undertake drives over 100m long.

Download our guide to the process of Guided Auger Boring

A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd have a number of Guided Auger Boring Case Studies

Guided Auger PB85V working on site at DishforthPerforator PB85V guided auger boring rig

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