September Works Update

M215 Parsons Underbridge
Installation of 8 No x 55mm diameter tie bars under the railway using the AEY HDD rig was completed during early August (the tie bars hold back sheet piles driven in cantilever along both sides of the railway embankment). Shaft sinking commenced immediately thereafter on the south side; to date 2 No x 3 metre diameter shafts almost 20 metres deep have been constructed. Equipment is currently being transferred to the north side of the railway embankment to enable the sinking of 2 similar shafts. The 4 shafts form part of the foundations for a new rail bridge.

M227 Cutacre
The installation of a 225mm clay drainage pipe, located under a strategic gas pipeline, is expected to be completed by guided auger during the week commencing 21 September 2015.

M228 Ferryhill
The crane pads and working platforms have been constructed and sheet piling is expected to be completed shortly. Construction of the drive and receptions pits will commence thereafter prior to the installation of a steel pipe under the railway line by guided auger boring using the BM600.

M230 University of Chester
Construction of a timber heading in order to replace an existing 250mm foul sewer located under the Seabourne Building will commence shortly

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