July's Update

M203 Colchester
1 remaining (FW drive) shaft for the scheme will be completed at a later date along with 2 additional reception shafts once design has been finalised. 3 sections of surface water sewer (using the BM600 auger bore) have been completed and the equipment has been demobilised. 3 sections of auger bored foul sewer (using the BM400 front steer machine) are complete with the 4th (of 8) currently in progress. 2 sections of the surface water sewer (using Soltau 1000 TBM) are complete with the 3rd (of 5) currently in progress.

M204 Whitmore Culvert
This scheme has been cancelled by Network Rail.

M207 Rossendale
Construction of a 1200mm hand drive (which forms part of a flood alleviation scheme being constructed by AEY Ltd) was completed on 8 July 2014. The construction of false inverts and backfilling of an associated intermediate shaft is ongoing.

M208 Grouting
A programme of short term grouting works, to seal the outer annulus of gas pipes at several key crossings located around the North of England was completed on 7 July 2014.

M209 Fleetwood
Jet grouting works to condition the ground for the construction of 2 tunnels between 2 large storage tanks at Fleetwood WTW commenced 23 June 14.

M210 Heysham
Construction of 4 shafts, forming part of the foundations for a bridge commenced 9 June 2014. To date shafts No 1, No 3 and No 4 have been partially constructed although the works are been hindered by the ingress of water.

M211 The Winnings
The Contract to undertake the repairs of an existing culvert commenced 30 June 2014.

M212 Minworth Auger Boring
A short auger bore crossing in very difficult ground conditions was successfully completed during June. The customer was highly delighted!

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