HDD at River Frome

AE Yates Trenchless Solutions have completed a project for Western Power Distributions to supply, drill and install 2No 3 way 180mm and 1No 2 way 125mm ducts in three seperate bores underneath the River Frome near Hereford. As well as installing the 3 seperate drill shots AEYTS were also contracted to install an access road across the farmers field to minimise disruption to the crops. This drilling was undertaken using our Vermeer D50 drilling rig, which performed excellently in difficult ground conditions. The job was completed well ahead of programme and to the clients satisfaction. more

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AEYTS June's Update

M203 Colchester Construction of the drive and reception shafts for the scheme is almost complete. 2 sections of auger bored foul sewers (using the BM400 front steer machine) and 2 sections of surface water sewers (using the BM600 auger bore) have been completed in accordance with the revised programme. Due to design changes, 5 sections of the surface water sewer will be constructed using a TBM instead of the BM600. The Soltau 1000 has completed the drives from SW40 to SW50 and SW40 to SW96. M204 Whitmore Culvert This scheme has more

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